Learn about $dMOUNT tokens.

What are $dMOUNT tokens? $bMOUNT is the native token for the $BNB version of DeMountain, new tokens will be minted by the contract for each weekly auction, in which users can participate to obtain the token and then stake it to accrue $BNB dividends.

The $bMOUNT token mint and supply. New tokens will be minted for each weekly auction and can be collected at the end of each auction within the 'Auction' section of our dApp. 3 Million $bMOUNT tokens will be minted for the auction on launch day, and that number will decrease by 3% for each following weekly auction. 3 Million $bMOUNT tokens are minted for the team when the contract is deployed, 2 million of which will be used in the two private presale rounds and the remaining 1 million will be allocated to a jackpot spinning wheel that will be added later on. *The team will not keep any of the tokens* New $bMOUNT tokens are also being minted for the referral bonus system.

Good to know. The team can't mint new $bMOUNT tokens. All mints are automatically initiated by the smart contract.

Good to know. There is no $bMOUNT token liquidity, the token can be used solely within DeMountain Ecosystem.

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